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Learn More About Arusha

This National Park Is 32km Away From Arusha Town, Which As An Area Of 137sq Kms And Was Described By Sir Julian Huxley As ” A Game Amongst Parks”. Arusha National Park, Often Overlooked, Is In Fat A Treasure, A Rich Tapestry Of Habitats, Teeming With Animals And Birds.

It Consists Of Three Spectacular Features – The Ngurdoto Crater, The Tranquil Beauty Of The Momela Lakes, And The Rocky Alpine Height Of Mount Meru, Where The Terrain Of The Peak Is As Varied As It Is Interesting.

The Best Time To Visit Arusha National Park Is During The Dry Season From July-November, Or After The Short Rains From December-March. The Best Time To Climb Mount Meru Is From June-February, And The Best Views Of Mount Kilimanjaro Seen From December-February.

Mount Meru, Is 4566 Meters High Scaling Can Be Made Through A Variety Of Landscapes, Plains, Forest Moorland, And A Lava Desert, It Is Compulsory To Be Accompanied By Am Armed Game Warden Because If Wild Animals. The Best Month To Climb Mount Meru Is From July-February.

Arusha national park
Arusha National Park


Bird Life: The Park Is Famous For Over 400 Species Of Bird Life, Both Migrant And Resident, Such As Springs Goose, Red Shark, Hamerkop, Herons, Woodpecker, Grey Parrot, Secretary Bird And Many More

Wild Life: Arusha National Park Contains A Diverse Resident Population Of Herbivores, Primates And Predators Including Black And White Colobus Monkey, Baboons And Elephant, Giraffe, Buffalo, Hippo, Leopard, Hyena, Waterbuck, Warthog And A Wide Range Of Antelope Species. No Lions Are Found In The Park Although Leopards Are Seen By Lucky.Only near the southern end of this natural coral barricade do two open passages permit safe


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